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About Founderholics

At FOUNDERHOLICS we develop unique food products and brands with an emphasis on science, nature and sustainability. With a focus on online and retail markets we supply a large variety of customer needs and always think from the consumer perspective first. For companies we develop individual brands or white labeling products for their needs.

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Our Brands

Nature Basics

Nature offers everything our bodies need. The pure essence of it is what we provide as natural supplements.

And we do this 100% sustainably - CO2-neutral, ecologically packaged and in finest quality.

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Mother Nature

With the right approach, the foundation is laid for a harmonious, happy and fulfilling time before, during and after pregnancy.

We provide you with all the essential nutrients you need during this time, completely avoiding unnecessary ingredients and at the same time want to do something good for our environment.

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Your stomach has been through stress recently, leading to heartburn?

Terrabase calms your stomach with its unique and 100% natural alkaline formula.

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Stress, environmental factors, flu season... There are many factors influencing the optimal functioning of the immune system.

Time to give it a boost - 1 day 1 shot.

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You don't like all the vegan proteins? PLAIN is the first protein powder that tastes the way you love it!

Mix PLAIN flavour powders with our neutral vegan protein for your own personal taste.

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Never liked isotonic drinks even though they seem to make sense for rehydration?

Everlyte is your next-generation electrolyte drink: pure minerals, no sugar, natural & unique flavours.

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ECDY Industries

You lack the nessecary energy for an intense workout in the gym?

Unchained is the first pre-workout booster with ecdysterone and will boost your performance in the gym!

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There is something holding you back in achieving the greatest game you have ever played?

Find a new level of focus, endurance & speed with our next-generation premium game booster.

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A revolutionary After-Party-Drink. Vitamins, minerals and a unique blend of natural plant extracts for those special nights.

Be more energetic the next day.

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You have an awesome food product idea that you would like to see on the market and buy tomorrow? You are a reseller and would like to distribute our products?

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